Optimizing scenarios of an entire public transport network with Asistobe Software

Understand how Asistobe provided a technology solution that optimizes the entire network’s frequency, reducing the operational costs. Overview Client: A medium-sized Scandinavian city’s public transport network. Technology Used: Asistobe’s Full Network Optimizer Feature   Impact in Numbers Reduced operational expenses: 15% reduction, equivalent to saving 61,000 operational kilometers per week. Service efficiency: Maintained 99.84% of […]

Optimized Scenarios for Bergen Light Rail Expansion with Asistobe Software

Goal: Help a Norwegian light rail system to add extensions to the existing network while improving overall efficiency.   Impact in Number -23% in OPEX savings +25%  in yearly passengers increase -30% in CO2 emissions reduction €22m  in annual value creation Challenge Bergen Light Rail’s challenge was transforming a single-line light rail (20 km) into […]