Optimized Scenarios for Bergen Light Rail Expansion with Asistobe Software


Help a Norwegian light rail system to add extensions to the existing network while improving overall efficiency.


Impact in Number


in OPEX savings


 in yearly passengers increase


in CO2 emissions reduction


 in annual value creation


Bergen Light Rail’s challenge was transforming a single-line light rail (20 km) into a comprehensive network, adding multiple extensions. How could they expand the network to optimize operational efficiency, increase ridership, and reduce costs?



Our Solution

Asistobe software combined internal PT data with external data sources and leveraged AI to get a deep understanding of the real transportation needs in Bergen. Based on this, the tool proposed future transport scenarios that could efficiently handle an expanding network and suggested infrastructure improvements to optimize OPEX and CAPEX.




Comparing to the suggested plans without Asistobe’s optimization methods, Asistobe proposed operational patterns with reduced kilometers driven, increased capacity in high-density areas without the need for additional rolling stock, and maintained traveler comfort levels.



"Asistobe changed how we plan an attractive, smart, and sustainable transport for Bergen's population."
Christian Gamst Hårvik
Christian Gamst Hårvik
Director of Passenger Transportation, Bybanen


Asistobe’s platform has not only optimized the operational efficiency of Bergen Light Rail, but also contributed significantly to the overall sustainability and attractiveness of the city’s public transport network. The remarkable results, including cost savings, increased ridership, and reduced carbon emissions, demonstrate the positive impact of our solution. 



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